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Mafia on Prozac by Edward Allan Baker


Classic City Stage Company, Edinborough Fringe Festival, theSpace Surgeons Hall; Additional performances in Atlanta at The Warehouse and in Athens, Ga at Cellar Theater.


Featured Performer - Jay

Artistic Overview

Mafia on Prozac was produced in a collaboration with Ray Paolino, Barry Pearson (SUNY Provost), and current and former UGA students. It received several internal grants for rehearsal and travel. I created a role which explored a deeper side of a stereo-typical aging Italian American male. This comedy played in venues in Athens, Atlanta, and Scotland’s International Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It represented an exciting and challenging opportunity to work within, and learn from, the largest and oldest International Fringe festival system in the world. Apart from international artists and audiences offering feedback on our performances, I was able to attend workshops for professional development of shows, work on publicity for the show, inclusive of various street performances.

Sample Review

“They bicker like a married couple and Marotta and Paolino clearly have a ball…The performers give it everything…”

 – Sam Forbes, Broadway Baby ★★★☆☆

Sample Performance Photos




Full Performance Video

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