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Servant of Two Masters by Carlos Goldoni


University of Georgia, Theatre & Film Studies, Studio Production


Director, Mask Designer, Fight Choreography, Scenic Designer

Artistic Overview

This departmental studio production used masks, physicality, music, and improvisation to bring an immersive and interactive experience to audiences. This creative research used 15 new masks that I designed, sculpted, and built specifically for the individual actors during rehearsals and performance. A rehearsal process that focused on ensemble building and equipping the cast to devise their own work was key to a product that the students were very capable and proud of performing.  The process provided praxis from student classroom work to practice, teaching them classic Commedia dell’arte technique as well as development and use of physical techniques for character building and storytelling. Exploration into masculine gender identity, already present within Goldoni’s text, was further explored by casting women to play male roles that are traditionally hyper-masculine.


Director's Notes

Production Images

Video - Full Performance

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