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The Mandrake by Nicolo Machiavelli


University of Georgia, Theatre & Film Studies, Mainstage Production


Director, Puppet Designer & Builder

Artistic Overview

This production of Machiavelli’s play explored themes of masculinities and power by using an all-female cast to play all the men’s roles, and puppets to play the women’s roles. Using 3D scans of the actor’s faces to closely tie the puppets to their puppeteers, the heads of the puppets were printed using 3D printers. The layers represented through women, dressed as men, manipulating women (puppets) allowed the rehearsal process and performance to deepen the exploration of stereotypes, gender, and public and private control. Additionally, through improvisational beats, an original graduate-student designed costumes, and an undergraduate written original hip-hop musical score and rhythmic dance choreography, this 450 year old text was made accessible to a modern young audience.


Director's Notes

Production Images

Video - Full Performance

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