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Mein Kampf by George Tabori


7 Stages, Atlanta, GA and UGA Theatre & Film Studies, Mainstage (Co-Production)

Directed by Del Hamilton


Featured Performer - Schlomo Hertzl, Mask Designer

Artistic Overview

Collaborating with director Del Hamilton of 7 Stages and UGA graduate and undergraduate students, this performance represents my first performance within the department, and my first Equity contract in Atlanta. This featured role required demanding physical and vocal dexterity to create and sustain a character on stage for nearly three hours. In addition to using much of the mask and physical training from my area of concentration, I was able to collaborate with the design team and director to design and build a mask to match the heightened stereotypical Jewish character that helped the storytelling and farcical world. This performance was part of the International Symposium on George Tabori and the Theatre of the Holocaust.

Production Images

Video - Full Performance

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